Can we go beyond the role of parent?

How to nurture their wisdom?

Father and son silhouette
Parenting is an art,
and mastering it is perhaps
the most crucial endeavor we can undertake...
for the leaders of tomorrow are being forged today.
We know how challenging it is to truly transform ourselves, as adults.
The key to a better future,
one with greater inner and outer peace,
lies in our hands.
Here's a community for parenting wisdom.
The time is now.
How to deal with your child's sugar cravings?
• Psychological approaches
• Healthy "candy" options
• Supportive schools, stores, playdates and communities
• Taking a good look at our own habits and compulsions
Red riding hood
Every culture has its share of gruesome stories and songs for children...
Deeply ingrained in our psyche, they often generate needless fear.
Your child deserves better.
Here you'll find songs like:
• "Rock-a-bye Baby" where the baby stays safe and nurtured
• "Ring around the rosie" celebrating people's good health and joy
And countless songs and stories adapted by our heart-centered community.
Talk with son
How to set healthy limits and still be a friend to my child?
How can we be vulnerable enough to connect from the heart?
When is it OK to go beyond all the rules?
Do I need to learn to be a good parent? Or do I need to unlearn all I know about parenting?
Who am I really, beyond all the should's of parenting?
Pregnant silhouette
But are planned home births actually less safe than hospital births?
What's the deal with:
water births
bacterial baths
eating the placenta?
waiting to clamp the umbilical cord
In the US, over 98.5% of births happen in hospitals.
Hospitals are learning not to keep babies away from mothers,
Unnecessary C-sections abound, and strong chemicals are applied:
Narcotics and epidurals for pain, Pitocen to rush contractions...
A community to make the journey from conception to birth all it can be.
Sand castle
How good are you at playing with your kids?
Are you able to let everything go, and dive deep into that magical world they live in?
Can you let them show you what it's like to go beyond our conditioned reality?
Boy at the beach
What's up with circumcision?
Certain religions require it.
Many parents cite health reasons.
Can we look into it a bit further?
It takes courage to ask certain questions –
but our kids deserve all our courage.
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there.

What we
work towards


Qualifying theories with practice

We know that childhood experiences often shape a person for life, instilling conditioned mindsets and emotional patterns that are near impossible to break free from. And yet, in practice it’s hard to stay centered and keep our hearts always open to our kids. Welcome to a community of parents dedicated to learning from each other and transforming themselves, paving the way for a generation more attuned to the heart.


Conscious caretakers and co-parenting

Being cared for by someone other than a parent can be stressful; but it can also bring extremely fun and enriching experiences. Sharing the responsibility with like-minded caretakers can free you to show up for your child as who you really are. Set roles aside and become a real friend to your child, knowing that their parenting is well in hand.


Listening to their wisdom

We often get so caught up with teaching ground rules and the ways of society, that we forget to listen for and learn from our child’s innermost being, who came here to illuminate the world in a specific way. How to teach the do’s and don’ts without trampling over that wisdom? What does this new generation of children have to teach us?

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